The game of Sultan – How to Dominate?


If you among one those people who are fond of story of old time kings and Sultan and want to enjoy the life of a Sultan – a king from Europe and the Middle East, then for sure the game is meant for you.  By game of sultan hack you can use every detail so that you can immerse yourself in brutal wars, flirtatious romance, political intrigue, empire management, military strategy, and so on.

Major feature of the game

  • Game of Sultans is an entertaining as well as exciting in which different salient feature can be fruitful for you get to lot of enjoyment. These are below mentioned:
    • Experience an empire by being a Sultan at your command!
    • Romance with beautiful and influential queens by building your harem!
    • Have a real council of historical viziers and recruit warlords!
    • Increase your lovingly children family from childbirth to young adults!
    • Make friends and enemies, join the good fight!


  • Join PvP to marshal your armies for other players!


  • Enjoy Turkish Coffee drink, chat, then listen to the fortunetellers!

The game of Sultan has an empire of great change, as well as time of love, marriage, romance, creativity, prosperity, wars, rebellions, brutal conquests and great coffee!

War strategies

To commence with, the first mode of the game is only campaign mode. From the start to the last level of the game, player has to fight with the enemy to capture the castle’s enemy king. With each and every progress, Sultan game becomes more exciting and you get more experience. Vizier has a crucial role to play to defeat the enemy sultan and soldiers. So, always try to have a strong vizier.

Utilization of Sultan hack

Each and every detail is given but if you cannot then don’t feel shy to use Game of Sultan Hack about military strategy, flirtatious romance, political intrigue, empire management…

How to play the Marvel Contest of Champions

A social website is a big network, and by using it, many mobile game companies take the advantages and one of the main is online gaming. They easily grab the traffic from a social website and that why the numbers of people are playing mobile games while spending time on the internet. In the past life you also played any game, but now you can play enormous mobile games. For performing, you do not require special things only one mobile device enough for it. Several types of mobile games are available in the game industries, and they are developing more and more. Some kinds of action games take their special position due to different gameplay. One of the viral games is Marvel Contest of Champions.

The game gives you the advantage to meet with your favorite Marvel series legends. The game also depends on the currency so you should have enough amount of it. At the beginning of the game you cannot be capable of getting currency, so you have to go for Marvel Contest of Champions Hack.

First, log in

When you open the game, you will see a brilliant home display with some menu options. Before starting you have to fill vital information to connect with the server. You need a valid email address and mobile number. Mobile number is used for verifying you entered details. You also check email account time to time because the game gives you new updates and affordable offer to get currency.

Understand the controls

Before jump to gameplay, it is very important to learn all about the controls. You should know the power bar parameters of your hero because in the battlefield all knowledge helps you for better fighting. Controls are for moving the hero and make the right position for hit the shot on right place. You can change some buttons setting according to your hand and make control more comfortable.…

Best Tips and Tricks for World of Tanks

The game is created by Wargaming group, and it is an action based game. World Of Tanks Cheats is the most leading game in this era of modernization. The game considers different types of battles and many modes to play. It consists of many weapons, vehicles, and armors. In it, you have to adopt a tank and modify it by upgrading it. After that, you have to fight into 7vs7 team battle or fight against your friends and many more modes to fight. Its size is almost 60 MB and most exciting game among all.

More Useful Tips

There is no doubt that the game is full of actions and high-quality graphics. But the more important thing is you should know some good and new tips to become the best player of the game. To be the best player you need to play more and more as it results in improving your skills and techniques. Following are some important tips that you should know:

  • You should use your gun as an armor – It refers to use your gun as same as armor. It means that you should use the gun to protect yourself from the enemy instead of armor. You should upgrade your guns and weapons as these are the only things which will help you while the battle is going.
  • More Use of Map – In it, you should always try to make the use of a map. This helps you to keep an eye on your enemies and their tanks. The map provides you the various locations to go and attack your enemies.
  • You should upgrade tanks regularly – The tanks play a major role in the game as we must upgrade them from time to time. We should always upgrade our tanks and weapons also after every match, or we can say battle.
  • Stay away from your enemy’s tank – In it you must take care of your tanks and your teammates as you should keep more distance from your enemies’ tanks. If you don’t do the same process, you will be attacked by your enemy.

World of Tanks includes many features as it gives you better sound quality and high definition graphics. The more and more you play the game the more you become professional in it. There are more than  90 million people who join the game.…