Difference Between Auto Mode And Manual Mode In Saint Seiya Awakening!

If you are going to play the Saint Seiya Awakening, then one of the most crucial things you need to do understands the importance of modes in the game as well as other characters. No doubt, players are able to know about the battles and other great things in the game, but if we talk about the auto mode and the manual mode, then both are quite complicated to understand.  Saint Seiya awakening cheats is a very trusted source that is already used by pro players in the game for generating gold so you should also try it once.

Auto mode

Let me explain about the auto mode first that is very amazing. Therefore, now you are able to play with the character those will attack automatically. It is best for those who newly attach with the game and don’t know much about the controllers of the characters in the battles. Saint Seiya awakening cheats is the easiest method of earning the funds like gold in the game, so you will find it very worthy for you. In addition to this, you cannot choose which would be your enemy. 

Manual mode

On the other hand, the manual mode is also very useful and important to understand. Basically, players will get the chance to control the skills of the characters in the battles. You can easily use the character and target the desired enemy. Skills are Shawn at the bottom right of the screen.