Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now banging on google play with its 5crore+ downloads

Of all the Multi Player Online Battle arena games out on the market, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the one that is definitely going to reveal your inner craze if you are a MOBA gamer. If you are DOTA 2 or League of Mobile Legends Adventure Cheats player on your pc (steam) then this one is designed right for your mobile device – but don’t take this miniature version lightly, it is enough to give you goosebumps!!

Mobile Legends Adventureon App Store & Google Play

Ø  The game is developed and published by the company Shanghai Moonton Technology for Android and iOS platform, and it comes in the action genre on Google play.

Ø  Being Widely populated, till date, it has reached an average download in the range of 5 crores to 10 crores on google play only.

Ø  The gamers are not only addicted but also so much glad about the light user-friendly interface, graphics, scenarios, maps thereby maintaining an average 4.4 rating on google play store.

Ø  Rated 12+ on Google with a warning for moderate violence!! LOL if this moderate, then what they will say for CS Go

Ø  Moonton is offering the game for free in the stores but there are several in-app purchases to boost the in-game capabilities and enjoy the benefits.

Game Mechanics & Game Play

Basically, it’s an online multiplayer battle of 5 vs 5 players where each team fought with another to destroy each other bases while maintaining their own bases. They also need to maintain a path that is known as Lane. The lanes are 3 in number namely top, middle & bottom. These lanes connect the bases, top one through the top order of the map, middle one through the middle order of the map and the bottom one follows the bottom order.

Each team comprises of 5 players where every player gets the opportunity to control and handle different kind of avatars aka heroes from their own devices along with myriads of spells & other awesome abilities. Along with this various device generated and controlled characters, much weaker and feeble in strength spawns over the map.  They also follow the lanes from the base to the enemy base.

The first and foremost skill for playing this one is same as in case of any other MOBA game i.e. communication. You need to have enough and appropriate free communication to be an ideal team man. Keep this in mind it’s A TEAM GAME!! TEAM DEFEAT IS YOUR DEFEAT!

Copy write controversy on Mobile Legends Adventure: Bang Bang

On 2019, RIOT GAMES, INC., a Delaware corporation, filed a case against SHANGHAI MOONTON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. In the United States District Court, Central District of California.

The Charges filled were specifically three complaints against the defender stating:

(1)    Copyright infringement

(2)    Trademark infringement

(3)    False designation of origin

The initial version of the game developed by Moonton was quite similar to the League of Legends by Riot Games INC.

The entire of the controversy began from the similarity in the initial logo of the game, usage of similar fonts, textures, color codes, stating down nearly even locations of each single piece objective on the map.

All the things start getting bitter with Emily (Magic Rush’s Hero). It can be stated simply as a mobile game character but anybody with common gaming sense can note that the idea was crossing the path with Annie, another similar character in Riot’s product.

Beside Mobile Legends: Bang Bang there were another two games from Moonton namely Mobile Legends: 5V5 MOBA & Magic Rush: Heroes that were also brought into consideration for questionnaire of copyright infringement.