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Checks the core concept of social site in Homescapes

The games are the best platform to play with friends and show your unity. You can also make the relationship stronger via a game. Lots of mobile games are available on google play store and apple app store to play with friends, but Homescapes is an outstanding platform. With the help of the social site, you are able to play with friends. When you connect the game with Facebook, then you will get unexpected rewards and features.

How to play with friends-

In the game, a Facebook option is available to connect the game with Facebook. When you tap of that icon, then I will ask your ID of Facebook. Fill your Id and tap of the continue button. From these ways, you are able to play the game with Facebook.  You will receive the many benefits when you log in with a social site.

  1. Play with friends is the best benefits of login.
  2. You will also receive the lots of rewards when you connect the game with social site.
  3. The game autosave is the best feature of the social site. It means by chance your phone is lost in that situation you can recover your data from Facebook.

A path to invite the friends-

If you want to invite the friends, then go to the setting icon, and a Facebook option is available there. When you tap on it, then your Facebook friend list is shown on display. Then tap of that person which you want to invite. In this way, you can invite your friends to join the game and play with you.

Send extra lives to friends-

In the game, you are able to send gif to your friends. It means you can send the lives to your friends. If you want to send the lives to your friends, then open the tablet in the bottom left corner of the screen. After that go to the inbox tab and select the friends and tap on the send button. Another option is also available but is the best way to send lives to friends. But if you want easy way then you can try Homescapes Hack.…

Objective and aim of the Homescaped game


Homescape is a fabulous game where you come to know how to renovate your house to look it more beautiful. The player had to achieve the required goals to complete the levels like the player should know how to collect number of elements for the play way. What are the suitable methods require for removing the studs for the game. To get all the requisite resources and levels the player had to earn infinite number of stars for completing the task. Also to get progress in the further game one had to complete the entire requisite tasks which were based on the house.

Retry the level for ultimate success

If you fail at some levels or tasks which were allotted to you, one can easily retry the levels unless you did not achieve success in it. In the particular game, there are certain events where you are having the chance to receive special and unique rewards like stars, coins, power ups and all that what you want for your game. It will be obtained to you when you finally completes all the events given to you during the play way. Events are very essential for the game as it will help you to collect lot of game currency which can be used in one way or in other. One can use homescapes Cheats to learn how to complete events and task for the ultimate success.

Make the characters looks realistic

When you decorate your home you feel great and excited and moreover you were able to get heavy rewards points against them. One can place lot of things and objects with respect to that. One can also give dialogues in between the events or talks of Austin and their parents to look characters more realistic and impressive.…

3 Cool Features That Gamers Must Know In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

The Love Nikki is a popular game, and it is all about luxurious fantasy life. Take the time for virtual family and friends, and in the game, various options are present for fun. Big stars are making it adventurous, and we can unlock a number of things. Most of the operations are required for the right amount of currency.

If you are worried about currency collection, then you can switch for free tools like Love Nikki Hack. The hack is easy to use, and in it, the players no need to add the personal info. We cannot imagine any game without the features, and here we are telling some ultimate specification of it.  

Become the famous star

The game gives us a chance to become a famous star by attending some challenging tasks. For it, we need to select the tasks smartly. The players need to be skilled for it, and we can gain more skills by spending much time on it.

Several chatting options

Chatting is a major feature of the game, and the gameplay has many chat options like live chats, chat rooms and many more. We can easily connect with worldwide players and make new buddies.

Elegant visual graphics

The beauty of the game comes with the visual graphics, and the individual can see the detailing of each part of it. It is sportive for the HD display, and if anyone faces display issues, then he can change the default settings.…

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now banging on google play with its 5crore+ downloads

Of all the Multi Player Online Battle arena games out on the market, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the one that is definitely going to reveal your inner craze if you are a MOBA gamer. If you are DOTA 2 or League of Mobile Legends Adventure Cheats player on your pc (steam) then this one is designed right for your mobile device – but don’t take this miniature version lightly, it is enough to give you goosebumps!!

Mobile Legends Adventureon App Store & Google Play

Ø  The game is developed and published by the company Shanghai Moonton Technology for Android and iOS platform, and it comes in the action genre on Google play.

Ø  Being Widely populated, till date, it has reached an average download in the range of 5 crores to 10 crores on google play only.

Ø  The gamers are not only addicted but also so much glad about the light user-friendly interface, graphics, scenarios, maps thereby maintaining an average 4.4 rating on google play store.

Ø  Rated 12+ on Google with a warning for moderate violence!! LOL if this moderate, then what they will say for CS Go

Ø  Moonton is offering the game for free in the stores but there are several in-app purchases to boost the in-game capabilities and enjoy the benefits.

Game Mechanics & Game Play

Basically, it’s an online multiplayer battle of 5 vs 5 players where each team fought with another to destroy each other bases while maintaining their own bases. They also need to maintain a path that is known as Lane. The lanes are 3 in number namely top, middle & bottom. These lanes connect the bases, top one through the top order of the map, middle one through the middle order of the map and the bottom one follows the bottom order.

Each team comprises of 5 players where every player gets the opportunity to control and handle different kind of avatars aka heroes from their own devices along with myriads of spells & other awesome abilities. Along with this various device generated and controlled characters, much weaker and feeble in strength spawns over the map.  They also follow the lanes from the base to the enemy base.

The first and foremost skill for playing this one is same as in case of any other MOBA game i.e. communication. You need to have enough and appropriate free communication to be an ideal team man. Keep this in mind it’s A TEAM GAME!! TEAM DEFEAT IS YOUR DEFEAT!

Copy write controversy on Mobile Legends Adventure: Bang Bang

On 2019, RIOT GAMES, INC., a Delaware corporation, filed a case against SHANGHAI MOONTON TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. In the United States District Court, Central District of California.

The Charges filled were specifically three complaints against the defender stating:

(1)    Copyright infringement

(2)    Trademark infringement

(3)    False designation of origin

The initial version of the game developed by Moonton was quite similar to the League of Legends by Riot Games INC.

The entire of the controversy began from the similarity in the initial logo of the game, usage of similar fonts, textures, color codes, stating down nearly even locations of each single piece objective on the map.

All the things start getting bitter with Emily (Magic Rush’s Hero). It can be stated simply as a mobile game character but anybody with common gaming sense can note that the idea was crossing the path with Annie, another similar character in Riot’s product.

Beside Mobile Legends: Bang Bang there were another two games from Moonton namely Mobile Legends: 5V5 MOBA & Magic Rush: Heroes that were …

What are the Benefits of Amazon Gift Cards?


So you are here to know about the benefits of amazon gift cards. Well, it’s good because here in the post, later you are going to meet with the 3 main benefits of using amazon gift cards. Before it, you should know that one can get these gift cards or coupons by making the use of various sites and apps. Yes, it is totally right that users need to make use of various apps and sites to take surveys and earn points. After then, they have to use those points to earn these gift cards of Amazon and get great offers while shopping.

Main 3 benefits of using gift cards

So, below are some main benefits which people get when they shop at Amazon with these gift cards. One should know the importance of these gift cards and then earn them more and more.

  • By using amazon gift cards one can simply get great discounts on almost all products.
  • Another benefit is that by using amazon gift cards people get good amount of cashback.
  • Also, by ordering anything on Amazon using these gift cards, one can simply get instant delivery that product than all others.

Therefore, these are some common benefits that users get when they so shopping on Amazon using these vouchers.

How to earn amazon gift cards easily?

If people want to earn these gift cards in good amount and easily then they simply have to make use of hack tools or Amazon Card Generator. To know how to use these options, they simply have to read some reviews related to getting amazon gift cards using generator.…

Two Ways of finding the best LG v20 battery! Tips mentioned with details

Cells are essential for our electronic devices. All the radios, small camera, gaming consoles, watches and so on require battery power to run their function correctly, and it same goes for the smartphones also. If you are the one who was using the LG v20 device for personal communication, then you might need to read the article carefully. There are so many things which you are required to learn about your device maintenance. Replacing battery from the old device is one useful maintaining option for the device you are using right now. LG v20 battery is getting typically down after the few years of use, and in this condition, you need to use the new battery for LG v20 device.

Today I will show you some useful lines over the battery replacing of the LG v20 along with the different qualities of the cells.

There are so many things to consider before buying the new battery for the LG v20 device. First, you need to visit the local market where you think that it might be available at the leading stores of the local town. 
Second, you need to search the batteries on the online source where you will find some different brand of battery for the LG v20 device. All the searching is quite good for the LG v20 battery.


Finally, I can say that all the lines mentioned above are enough to give you decent knowledge over the topic of finding the best LG v20 battery in the various markets.…

Full information about the Instagram application

There are lots of things to understand the Instagram application. Some people are using the application to personal use, on the other hand, some are using for their business use. With the application, you can take the chatting option and video option. The chatting and video option is really good to use because by this we can easily communicate with each other. Do you want to know that who viewed my Instagram profile the most then you can get the proper information? With the settings of Instagram it is possible to check these things.

Many of the individuals are using the app because they think that application is safer for them. With the application, you can get the safety option. The safety option is good for the privacy of your pictures and videos. If you are using the application to the business account, then you need the safety options that can be taken by the privacy setting and hiding information from individuals.

·         Business use of Instagram

There are many social media apps to use, and Instagram is one of them, and many of the individuals are earning money with the help of application by getting the business profile. People are asking the same question related to the security that who viewed my Instagram profile the most and they can take this information with a setting option in easy steps.

Let’s back to the point we are talking about the business account and with this, and it is easy to get the attention of higher attention of people with the advertisement options. So, business use of the application is giving many benefits that we have talked, and with the benefits, the individuals are getting the additional money.

·         Chatting options

With the help of the chatting option that comes with different social media apps you can connect with the friends and relatives. The chatting option is very beneficial with the mobile phone and other gadgets. People are using Smartphones to use the applications, and they ask that who viewed my Instagram profile the most, and they can easily understand the question with the help of the article. We have talked about some points related to the privacy and settings.…

3 Mistakes That You Should Not Do In the AFK Arena

The AFK Arena is RPG based mobile game, and it consists of various battles. In the battles, most of the players are making many mistakes, and it decreases your performance. For it, we need to go with correct rules for wining in it. The game is all about resources and victory so we should focus on a special arena. It is offered by Lilith games for both android and IOS. The gameplay is free to use, and anyone can download it by the Google store or official website. For purchasing lots of things, we should go with a high amount of currency. The AFK Arena Hack tool is an effortless way to get more free currency. You can go with some listed points for decreasing mistakes in the game.  

Do not panic at any stage 

We will face many kinds of problems in battles, and they are part of the gameplay. The players have to ready for it and take time to reduce them. You should not panic at any level and solve more battles.

Follow the right controls 

Navigation controls are an amazing way to speed up smashing skills, and we can easily defeat rivals. You have to choose the right tool for it and always understand the real use of theme. Change many things according to the gameplay.       

Do not avoid resources 

Resources and currency are beneficial for leveling up, and we have to collect much amount of them. The currency is used for grabbing hero’ cards and we will unlock new heroes. Getting resources is struggling part of it, and the AFK Arena Hack tool is a free way for it. Save the right amount of currency for future use and spend the currency wisely for powerful gadgets.…

Things we should know about the PES 2020! Some explained

Playing an online game in mobile phones becomes almost a trend these days for everybody. The person who uses smart mobile wants to get the most from the smart gadgets. Smart means a thing which can handle everything in this world. And it same goes with intelligent mobile phones these days. The games like PES 2020 is one which can be played on the big gaming consoles, but nowadays you can play this big game filled with heavy graphics and other contents on your small screen mobile phones. It also supports us by giving PES cheats 2020in mobile phones.

In this article, we are going to display some useful points on the PES 2020 game, by applying all aspects you may get all the benefits of the game.

3 d view

The gam provides the 3 d view of every star footballer along with pure players in the game. It is almost to judge the content of the game that it is real or animated. The graphics of the game is outclassed, and you will be glad to play this beautifully designed game on mobile screens. Mara Doña. Leone Messy, Ronaldinho, David became all beautiful portraits in the game.

Improved features

KONAMI Company took the initiative to improve the overall functionality of the game. Previously there are some complaints about the competition from users about various contents of the game. But in PES 2020 the company has changed and improved so many things to make the game errorless. Apart from this, many good gaming sites also offers PES 2020 cheats to play the game with perfection to get the most of the fun from the competition.

From the above lines, you can judge the basics of the game very quickly.…

How to be the Coin master

Do you have some spare time? Well, you can utilize this for stress-busting activities. Playing a game on your mobile is also one of them. The best part is that at present thousands of games are available which you can start playing without paying even a single penny.

In order to have more advantages you can also buy in-app purchases and coin master is also this kind of game. In it, you can do many great actions and adventurous activities. The graphical features of the game are outstanding and you will hardly find such qualities in any other game.

Earn Currency of game

Every game has gaming currency which is the most important part of the game. Without earning the gaming currency you will not be able to make steady progress in the gaming world. Here in the coin master hack 2020 as well, you are expected o indulge in the activities which will earn your coin.

A coin is the most important form the gaming currency and you are expected o raise your wealth through loot and attack on the other villages. The fun playing game also increases in many folds when you can create your own village. You are expected to create a safe and secure village. In the village, you can also store diverse things.

Creating a strategy to win

The gaming world is a bit different from the real world of games. Here you can have many advantages with the help of some great tips and tricks. Without these tips and tricks, it is very hard some time to gain the good growth in the virtual world.

Coin master is also a kind of game in which you can demonstrate your great gaming skills with the help of these amazing tips. These are not ordinary tips because they are used by the winners and tested. You can follow them and have many advantages in the coin master game.

Building a strong village

In the starting of the game, you are supposed to create a village. This is a very important task and you are expected to create your village very strong. You are also responsible for creating many types of additional buildings.

Additional buildings are very important because this will fasten the process of construction work. You will be able to indulge in the production work through these buildings. In the construction work, you will need several items. Through the additional buildings, you can produce them and use for construction work in coin master game.

Earning methods

Now you must be thinking about the great earning method. Earning methods are very important because without the sufficient amount you cannot make significant process in the gaming world of coin master. On the daily basis, you will be allotted the spins.

Through the spins, you can earn the coins in the significant amount. But you must understand that playing the game on the regular basis is a very important task and without it, you will not be able to earn more coins for your gaming account.

By following these great tips you can make your gaming more favorable. Tips are provided by the winners and you should surely try them to have many advantages in the coin master game.…