Rules of survival & It’s Associated FAQ’S

Rules of survival & It’s Associated FAQ’S


Rules of survival is an online multiplayer battle game which allows multiple player to over the game server and battle each other. Frequently addicted players to this game find several issues in making a serious run of this game. If you are a victim of such an incident, then check out the below mention steps to get sorted.


Methods to Troubleshoot

Ø  Restart the app: It might sound like the most common and known method but on the technology ways it’s the primary incident to check.

Ø  Kill all other apps: When it comes to the usage of Physical memory (RAM) shutting down of all other apps running in the background helps in clearing the consumed memory.

Ø  Level down the Visual Effect & Graphics: Not all the devices comes with some built-in high-quality RAM or processors that might could heat up the device or could hang the app in some serious issue. Sorting this kind of issue is quite easy. Get into the game settings and level down the graphics and visuals according to the supported hardware system.

Ø  Keep the app updated: The developers keep them updated their product through clearing the bugs, making the interface light. If the update is not compulsory, then you could carry on using the older version but keeping the app updated helps in troubleshooting the issues.

Ø  Try getting a stable bandwidth: one of the biggest nightmare for the online gamers are some fluctuation in the internet bandwidth. Try playing it over a fixed bandwidth provided through the broadband or through internet service provider because playing it over cellular network might sometimes enhances the ping that leads to the lagging of the game.

Ø  Checking the server: There are several players over the globe connecting the same server at the same moment might create some minor server issues, wait for sometime before logging in again.


After all this troubleshooting still if you find the game is hooked up somewhere or the game is not running properly feel free to text to the client support email or useRules Of Survival Cheats.